2007-08-03 19:23:49 by Leet-Productions

Cripple Fight Chapter 1: The Duel Begins

Alzheimer's-man was taking a stroll down the street when he noticed a man a few yards away shaking furiously on the ground. He approached the vibrating fellow and said "Zubfaladoogalokozlee." It's quite obvious that Alzheimer's-man was pointlessly babbling in a failed attempt at a sentence. The shaking man simply resumed flipping around on the ground with complete disregard of what Alzheimer's-man had just said. Alzheimer's-man wrapped the seizure-man with his cane and managed to say "Git da hell up!" The vibrating man flipped upwards and slapped the poor old man cleanly across the face.

The duel had begun.

To be continued next Friday


Taking a flash break

2007-07-29 04:51:36 by Leet-Productions

I'm going to be taking a break from flash to focus more on my music.

Yes, yes I am a guitar player and a vocalist, if you want to hear my work click here.

I love the new layout

2007-07-19 00:03:39 by Leet-Productions

I love you Tom, father my children.